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The course offers a scientific study of the society, psychology and human groups. It also explores the nature and dynamics of ongoing transformations in terms of family, social equality, human behaviour, gender, race, ethnicity, culture and socialization through field studies. Recent studies have shown that in digital era, the importance of mind-life balance is of utmost importance.


The course enriches the students’ ability to critically analyze and understand social, behavioural and thinking mind patterns apart from giving them the opportunities to conduct independent research. Through this course, students gain better perspective of social psychology, psychology of gender, race and ethnicity and emerging behavioural trends.


Many career opportunities exist for Psychology students. Those interested in academia become faculty members or educational counsellors while others pursue careers in corporate, non-government or government sectors. Medical sector needs a good number of freshers each year. Specialized psychologists become psycho-analysts and therapists or practicing counsellors or pursue the roles of research analysts, urban planners or demographers.

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