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The course majorly focuses on ethics, legal values, religion and leading ancient as well as modern philosophical figures. As part of the course, students will delve deep into the texts of classic historical philosophies as well as contemporary philosophy to ponder the type of questions that will enhance their ability to understand their heritage, their contemporaries and themselves.

Learning Outcome:

The course aims to improve the reasoning and critical skills of students. Among the skills gained by philosophy majors include the ability to think logically, ability to assess proposed solutions, ability to analyze and solve problems, ability to think and communicate clearly, connect better with people on an intellectual and spiritual level. Students learn how to ask good questions and identify worthless questions along with broadening their horizons.

Career Prospects:

The career options for a Philosophy major are plenty. Students who specialize in philosophy can find suitable careers as writers, lecturers, lobbyists, counselors, social workers, critics, research analysts, among others.

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