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Performing Arts:

The elective explores the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of classical as well as contemporary performances. The elective on Performing Arts will introduce students to varied traditions such as dance, drama, music, storytelling, stand-up comedy among other practices. The study of performing arts will also include considering important histories to help create original work for public performances.

Learning Outcome:

The elective is a great medium for students to learn the art of presenting their skills, building stamina and increasing confidence. The course helps students develop self-discipline, team work, self-awareness, innovative ways to express and the ability to cope with criticism.

Career Prospects:

Students can explore various direct and indirect fields in the performing arts after pursuing this elective. Among the jobs that are directly related to this field are of a dancer, an actor, music therapist, theatre or film director, singer, radio jockeys, among others. Jobs where some knowledge of this course would be useful are that of a broadcast presenter, arts administrator, among others.

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