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Programme Coordinator

Dr. Buroshiva Dasgupta

Ph.D, University of Calcutta, M.A., Presidency College Calcutta, Former Director Manipal School of Communication

Buroshiva Dasgupta did his PhD in English Literature from the University of Calcutta. He has worked as a professional Journalist and has taught at several universities in India and abroad for almost four decades. He has headed several schools of communication. He has written numerous articles, academic papers and book chapters mostly on communication, society, wildlife and environment. He has coauthored the book on Natural Wonders of India & Nepal (New Holland Publishers, London) while his other book, ‘New Media & New Poetics: The Changing Interface’ will be published shortly.

He was invited to the USA on the International Visitors’ Programme (1992) and later addressed the Global Fusion Conference in Chicago (2006) on ‘War and Peace in the Age of Globalisation’. He visited the United Kingdom on a British Government invitation (1990) and subsequently took part in several BBC programmes.

He is in the Board of Studies in several universities and is a PhD research guide. He works as a resource person for several UGC refresher courses for college and university teachers. He is the Founding Editor of the Indian Edition of Global Media Journal, a refereed online media journal published from 20 countries worldwide.

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